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About Us


The hotel 'Der Alpenof' can look back onto over 100 years of history in a changeable way. An early highlight was the visit from the German President von Hindenburg in the year 1928. Years of changing use and owners followed.

After being used for private reason in the 70s, the house was first used as a hotel again after the turn of the millennium.

The family Christoffer bought the real estate in the year 2003 and spend not only a lot of money but personal input into the renovations. 

The reward for all this hard work was the official classification by the DEHOGA with 4 Stars superior.

To date, the family Christoffer is responsible for the management.

Our Philosophy

  • Every guest is with his individual desires the centre of our focus. It starts with the booking and ends with you leaving us again and saying 'goodbye'. Please do not hesitate to ask us anything, we grow and develop with your demands and are more than happy about your satisfaction.
  • You do not relay on us, but we do on you. It is our pleasure to use every opportunity to be at your service. You are our employer.
  • The contact to our guests does not cause any disturbance but is rather loved and enjoyed. Your welfare is our highest commandment.
  • You are not an outsider, more over a loved and welcomed guest. We treat you with respect and polite manners.
  • Your criticism is more than welcome. It gives us the opportunity to constantly improve our work in the hotel and with the guests.
  • You are as our guest a personality with its own taste and its own view on things. We cannot expect that you share all our views and ideas, but we try to consider your wishes as best as possible.
  • If you are a satisfied guest, enjoyed the stay in our house and would love to return and then this is the best reward you can give us

Staff Members

Sincerity, warmth and team spirit are the foundation of our cooperation of all members of staff in our house. A team of young, qualified and ambitious people has been formed around this fundamental conviction.

Our aim is to provide for our guests a home in the mountains.


Impressions at the Alpenhof

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