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Popular Trip Destinations

Here you´ll find a small choice of destinations, that are in proximity to the hotel.

If you´re interested in culture, nature or or you just want to experience something – destinations around the Alpenhof offer something for everybody.


Taking the cable car to the Wendelstein (1,838m)

The mountain top welcomes you with spectacular views

You can gaze at over 200 mountains from there, clear weather provided. A Panorama-board simplifies naming these giants.

You have two options to get to the top of the Wendelstein by train. The first one is located about 500m distance from our house, and that is the base station of the cable car. A large cable car moves you within a few minutes from the valley up to the mountain station (1,724m).

The second option to reach this mountain is offered by Germany´s first cog railway in Brannenburg (build 1910-1912). The roughly 25-30 minutes long ride is a special event for the whole family.

On top of the Wendelstein there is more to see than the incredible panorama, for example the GEO Park, restaurant, exhibition, church, cave and observatorium.

Tip: Please visit the website of the Wendelstein railway before your trip. Here you will get important information about the current weather and if your destination is open. The Wendelstein cave, for example, is closed during the winter season.

Direction cable car 1 km (Google Maps)

Direction cog railway 21 km (Google Maps)

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Boat cruise over the Schliersee

Guided tour or with a rented boat

Enjoy the mountain views from the lake. The Schliersee boat cruises make this possible for you on an hourly basis between May and September, daily between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Please check the website for current information about docking times. Depending on the weather, exclusive tours or during revision, single tours can be suspended.  Before and after the season, tours only happen in fair weather.

Direction 13.4 km (Google Maps)

Sschifffahrt Schliersee

Markus Wasmeier open air museum Schliersee

Bavarian history in the hometown of the famous skier

Since May 2007 the Markus Wasmeier open air museum in Schliersee opened it´s gates. On roughly 60.000 square meters, visitors of the museum can experience an unforgettable journey into an authentically recreated past.

Tip: The open air museum is closed in the winter season. Please check the opening times on their website.

Directions (Google Maps)

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Destillery SLYRS

Truly Bavarian­– like the name already says

The name SLYRS sounds gaelic, as if he had Scottish or Irish roots. However, the true history of the name shows, that SLYRS is even more Bavarian than most would think. Fitting for the distillery, the name SLYRS actually has roots in "high spirits". In the year 1779 five monks founded the Adalung, Hiltupalt, Kerpalt, Antonius and Otakir, a monastery in the solitude of Schliersee.

They named this monastery SLYRS, correctly pronounced SHLEERS. The monastery SLYRS developed over the centuries to the namesake of the whole region around Schliersee. 1220 years after the foundation followed another milestone in the cultural development of Upper Bavaria: The SLYRS Single Malt Whisky Distillery was founded.

Discover the Destillery for yourself!


  • 365 days
  • Daily from 10:00am - 5:00pm
  • Opened Sundays and on holidays
  • Groups of more than 10 people should contact SLYRS via email or telephone in advance

You can also participate in guided tours. For further information, please refer to the website.

Directions (Google Maps)

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