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Stroll through the town of Bayrischzell

Discover Bayrischzell on 13 exciting and entertaining stations.

1. The bavarian garb monument
This monument at the Martin-Staudacher-Weg with a small fountain was build in memory of the old, traditional clothing of mountain hikers.

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Walk around Bayrischzell inlcuding the Kneipp plunge pools

Walk past the mini golf and Waldfestplatz and follow the Wackbach in the direction of Austria. After about 15 minutes, you will get to the first Kneipp plunge pool. This is a special plunge pool. There are normally some signs to show how to use the plunge pool. The idea behind these plunge pools is to help with blood circulation. Try it it is very refreshing. After this refreshment go over the next bridge into “Melkstatt” (milking town). This town got its name because this used to be the main milking area for the local cows.


Impressions at the Alpenhof

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