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We are always ready to fulfill your individual wishes. Please book your treatments as early as possible. You can also book these treatments while booking your room.

Ayurveda massages

 Duration  DescriptionPrice
Abhyanga 60 min. Full-body massage EUR 80.–
Mukabhyanga 45 min. Head massage EUR 50.– 
Padabhyanga 45 min. Foot massage EUR 50.– 
Upanaha Svedana 45 min. Back massage EUR 50.– 
Garshan 40 min. Full-body massage EUR 50.– 
Hot Stone 45 min. Back massage EUR 59.– 
Hot Stone 60 min. Full-body massage EUR 80.–

Other massages and cosmetics

Anti-Aging skin repair 75 min. For face, neck, dekolleté, & hands EUR 90.–
Joy of life 90 min. Feet pads, face, neck, arms EUR 90.– 
Detox 60 min. Facial treatment EUR 69.– 
Aroma oil massage 60 min. Purging full-body massage EUR 80.– 
Joy for Feet Massage 30 min. For tired and heavy legs EUR 30.– 
Head - Feet Massage 30 min. Feel good from tip to toe EUR 30.– 

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